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The redesigned DISH Tailgater is a fully automatic, portable and lightweight satellite antenna that sits on the ground or permanently mounts to the roof of your RV.

Already a DISH customer?

Add to your existing service for only $7/mo., and get your home and outdoor TV in one bill!


With the purchase of a DISH solo HD receiver and DISH-compatible antenna. Minimum program requirement may apply.

dish tailgater




Get HD TV wherever you roam, even if you don't have DISH at home. And no Wi-Fi required!

We heard you.

And we've made it easy:


1. Choose the DISH-compatible portable HD antenna that best suits your outdoor needs.


2. Add a DISH HD TV receiver.


3. Activate your DISH Pay As You Go service.


goes outdoors.

Because today can take you anywhere.

You wanted HD TV outdoords.

We give you

what you want.

1. No Long-Term Contracts

Only pay for the months you use. No credit check required.

2. HD Advantage

Get crystal-clear HD channels anywhere outdoors. DISH antennas support HD TV for a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Only DISH provides HD on all portable antennas'.

*Most automatic antennas use Ku-band frequency, which is only compatible with DISH.

3. Lowest-Priced Antennas

Only DISH offers award-winning, best-in-class products at the lowest prices!

4. Fastest and Easiest Setup

Only DISH lets you watch live HD TV in less than 15 minutes**. From automatic signal finders to lightweight and portable designs, DISH takes the hassle out of setting up your entertainment. And the best part is: there's no Wi-Fi required!